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U.S. Masters Diving, a committee of the National Governing Body USA Diving, was founded in 1974.  Since its inception, US Masters Diving has been a warm, welcoming and open equal-opportunity forum for all adults 21 and older to compete in national and international springboard and platform championships and events.   U.S. Masters divers are among the best in the world and represent a variety of athletic backgrounds – some with little to no experience, and others who have competed in Junior Olympic, NCAA, Senior and Olympic events. All share a passion and love for the sport of diving and for the rich social community we have built.

Our mission is to provide a forum for sanctioned adult diving competition, and our vision is to encourage adults of all ages to enjoy the sport of springboard and platform diving from wherever they may be or from whatever background they may have. We welcome international athletes to join our events and encourage our divers to participate actively in the sport’s global community.  As members of USA Diving, we support youth diving and grass-roots programming to ensure that diving may continue to be a SPORT FOR LIFE.


Each year U.S. Masters Diving hosts two championship events – Spring and Summer Nationals. The events include novice and open events by age group. Age groups are divided into 5-year increments for springboard events and by 10-year increments for platform. Individual events are held on 1 m, 3m, and platform. As age increases, the number of competitive dives required may decrease. Generally, voluntary dives and optional dives are required.

Grand-Masters and both Mixed and same-sex synchronized diving events include dives from any level. To participate in a Grand-Masters event, divers must have previously won an individual event.  Rules for each event are always posted on DiveMeets and may be found on this website.

Novice diving is available as a category of competition. It is especially designed to encourage new or returning divers to participate and to compete basic skills as a progression to the Open events.

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