Our History

U.S. Masters Diving was founded in 1974 by John Deininger, a former professional diver who had a vision of creating a community of and competitive organization for adults divers for life. The first National Masters Diving Championships were held in June 1974 in San Angelo, TX. Nate Holt was the first meet director. Over the past 40+ years the organization has grown os that there are now thousands of Masters divers worldwide.

Masters Diving is completely volunteer-run but is sanctioned by USA Diving. Since 1974, Masters Championship events have evolved. Now, both Spring and Summer events are included in the By-Laws,  and only Spring Championships of 2020 were canceled due to COVID-19. We are all grateful to our founders, to USA Diving, and to the countless hundreds of volunteers and financial contributors who have supported the torch for the organization.

Masters Diving Leadership Committee

Under our By-Laws of USA Diving, elections take place every two years at the Summer Championship. Due to COVID-19, the 2020 Elections were postponed to August 2021.  As a committee of USA Diving, our leaders may vote in USA Diving elections and initiatives; all active competitive adult members of USA Diving may vote for committee leadership.

2021- 2022 USA Diving – Masters Committee

Lisa Meller 06.21

Lisa Meller


Lisa currently coaches part-time at Mission Viejo Nadadores Diving (MVND) in CA around her entrepreneurial business endeavors. She is a former UCLA diver and has competed at the Junior Olympic, Senior National and NCAA Division 1 Championship as a finalist or semi-finalist. As a Masters Diver she has won numerous gold and silver medals and is a 2014 FINA Masters World Champion and women’s record holder (1 m, 40 – 44 age group). She has also coached lessons, masters and junior college diving, and she has served as a volunteer bBard of Director leader for Mission Viejo Nadadores and for Meeting Professionals International. She has also volunteered her professional skills for United States Aquatic Sports and is passionate about supporting USA Diving. She owns her own corporate and association event planning company and co-founded a division for wellness travel and events in 2021. Reach her at LisaM@RethinkfitTravel.com; (949) 413-6770


Ron Kontura

Vice Chair – Rules


Maryhelen Bronson

Vice Chair – Recording

Ron is a long time member of US Masters. He served as Chairman for two terms - before taking the reign at Co-Chair in 2016. Currently he is the diving coach at Kenyon University in Ohio. He is consistently on the medal stand at world championships - and is one of Master Diving's biggest supporters. He currently dives in the 50-54 age group.

Reach him at ronkontura@gmail.com and phone M: 330.289.6033

Maryhelen dived in high school for Town North YMCA in Dallas and for four years at Colorado State University. She earned a Ph.D in Health Education. She developed and implemented a district wide Health Education program in the Dallas School District and has experience conducting teacher education workshops throughout the state. Maryhelen authored a junior high and a high school Health Education textbook that are both currently being used around the country. In 1988, she was named Texas Health Educator of the Year; she taught for 38 years and was named Teacher of the Year twice. Maryhelen is an active masters diving enthusiast and loves the dive family! bronsonmh@gmail.com Phone: : 817.821.6212


Mark Timko

Athlete At-Large

Mark has been diving for over 39 years, starting in High School.  He started in Masters Diving post-college for 4 years at Tualatin Hills Dive Club in Beaverton OR and competed at various Masters meets on the west coast as well as  in the 1993 Masters Nationals hosted by his local club.  After taking a break from competitive diving for 15 years to start a family, Mark got back on the boards in 2011 and started training to get back to Masters National,s which finally came at the 2013 Summer Nationals at U of Michigan.  He has competed at all but one Masters Nationals since then, including the 2018 PanAm Masters Championships.  Since coming back to Masters, he has taken on the role of one of the technical meet facilitators for the National meets and is one of the admins of the USA Masters Diving Facebook page. Mark’s day job is as a Computer Engineer (chip design) for Digital Design Corporation in the Chicago suburbs for the last 21 years.  Reach him at marktimko1@gmail.com; Phone: 847-707-6110

Immediate Past Leaders

Gerry Dunn, Past Chair

Ron Kontura – Vice Chair Rules

Lisa Meller – Vice Chair Recording


We rely on our community of volunteers to run the administrative side and to operate our meets. If you have even an hour to give and would like to get involved, please contact us! Our volunteers have made ALL the difference, and we invite you to join us!


As a volunteer-run non-profit we appreciate all financial and in-kind support. Sponsors will have the opportunity to meet and to market to our community of adult professionals. To inquire about opportunities, or to assist in our fundraising efforts, please contact us at info@mastersdiving.org

To donate financially to Masters Dive, please contact us so that we can direct the funds with USA Diving appropriately. Checks must include ”MASTERS DIVING” in the memo.  Thank you!