Links to interesting activities/places in Goteborg and in Norway:

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In Gothenburg
Botanical Garden, one of the best in Europe

Feskekörka (the Fish Church)
Really not a church at all, but as Gothenburg is the center of the Swedish
fish industry, this is where the fish comes in and is sold. A classic
tourist attraction.

Kungsportsavenyn, or Avenyn (the Avenue)
This is the main tourist street in Gothenburg with lots of fancy restaurants,
bars, shops, exhibitions and night life. A little bit of the Times Square of
Gothenburg if you so will. The website is only in Swedish, but it's really not
much to learn about ahead of getting there.

An amusement park with rides and summer concerts. As far as the rides go,
you have probably seen a lot more impressive stuff here in the US. It is
however a local oasis and they often have summer concerts and other stuff
going on. Check it out when you get there.

Gothenburg page in English

Outside Gothenburg:
May be hard to get there, even if they have built a bridge now.
Restaurant Salt&Sill (=Salt & Herring), Herring Museum, Very pretty place.

Hang with the rich and famous. Lots of regattas and outher stuff going on.
Old fortress. Lots of tourists...

On the way to Norway:
Lysekil and Gullmarsfjorden
A pretty place. You may drive through it.
On the way out there you pass along Gullmarsfjorden,
a fjord with its own rather unique marine biology.
There is a marine life research station in a village called
Fiskebäckskil, but I can't find any info in English and as far as I can tell
it's not open to public. 

Around the same area are some small picturesque fishing villages
such as Hunnebostrand, Bovallstrand, etc.

About half way from Gothenburg to Norway. Famous for it's
petroglyphs, believed to be ove 3000 years old. Not much else
to see there. If you're not passing through, don't bother.

Very beatiful little town just south of the border to Norway.
If you go there and have time, take the boat to Koster, some small
islands in the archipelago. Nice place for a relaxing day by the sea.
You take a boat from the Strömstad harbor. Go to Nordkoster (the smaller
north island). Get off the boat at Västra Bryggan, see this map (bottom right)
You can walk out to Basteviken, see map
I used to go there as a kid. Very relaximg. Be aware of jellyfish. The
clear ones (looking like floating glass) are harmless. The ones with red/orange
bodies and tentakles will sting you. They won't kill you but they will
give you a couple of miserable days.
Bad boy:

In Norway
You will cross over the bridge in Svinesund and get into Norway.

If you make a detour from the E6 highway you can get to Halden.
It's close to the border. Most famous for it's big fortress overlooking
the town. It's quite an exercise to climb it.
Not much else to see in Halden

If it's time to eat and you're close, downtown is Dickens. One of the
oldest restaurants, great food. Drink the local beer Borg.,+Sarpsborg,+Norway&sll=59.281734,11.115804&sspn=0.006335,0.019269&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=St.+Marie+gate,+Sarpsborg,+%C3%98stfold,+Norway&t=h&z=15
Sorry, no English translation.

This is of course where it happens. You can take taxi, but there is also
good public transportation there.
For a great view, go up to Holmenkollen ski jump.
You can get up in the tower if you want to. In the same area is the TV tower
For old history, you can go out to Bygdöy,
Lot's of museums, the most famous being the viking ship museum, with authentic ships
that have been dug up throughout Norway.
Famous landmars are the Akershus castle (where the nazi commander Quissling was
executed after the war), the city hall with its two huge brick towers.
The shopping district is around the main parade street called Karl Johanns Gate.
(mostly just called Karl Johann or just "Stripa" by locals). Be aware, it's
If you're interested in art, Vigelandsparken has a lot of sculptures and other
As in any major city, there's always something going on in the summer.

Must see the fjords.
The most impressive Fjord is Geiranger. To see that you have to get to Ålesund,
some 200 km north of Bergen. If you're heading that way, Geiranger is worth it.
If not, you can see Sognefjorden from Bergen. It's also very impressive.
Images from Geiranger fjord:
Images from Sogne fjord:


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