From: Stichting Schoonspringen Zuid-Nederland []
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2008 11:16 AM
Subject: PSV/Arena divingcup 2009

Subject:  psv/arena diving cup 2009
Date:  October 15, 2008

Dear Sportfriends,

On behalf of the Foundation Diving South Netherlands and PSV diving, we hereby send you the invitation for the 10th edition of the psv/arena diving cup

which shall take place in our national swimmcentre “de Tongelreep” on February 5th. till February 8th. 2009.

All participants we kindly ask to complete the entry form and send the form to:

Dhr. B van Westerop
Botsehei 23
5508 TE Veldhoven
Phone: +31 (0) 40 25 40 710
Fax.:    +31 (0) 40 84 43 253

The entry form can be downloaded as zip file at: and send to us by email.

We hope to see you in February 2009 at the psv/arena diving cup.

With kind regards,

Foundation Diving South Netherlands
PSV Diving


Competitionrules :

Event Agegroups springboard Age Program
1. Boys  A 1m 1991-1992-1993 Final
2. Girls A 3m 1991-1992-1993 Final
3. Boys  A 3m 1991-1992-1993 Final
4. Girls A 1m 1991-1992-1993 Final
5. Boys  B 1m 1994-1995 Final
6. Girls B 3m 1994-1995 Final
7. Boys  B 3m 1994-1995 Final
8. Girls B 1m 1994-1995 Final
9. Boys  C 1m 1996-1997 Final
10. Girls C 3m 1996-1997 Final
11. Boys  C 3m 1996-1997 Final
12. Girls C 1m 1996-1997 Final
Event All-in springboard Age Program
13. Men Open 1m -- 6 free dives dd min 13.6
      Preliminairy (6 qualifiers to final)
14. Women Open 3m -- 5 free dives dd min 11.6
      Preliminairy (6 qualifiers to final)
15. Men Open 3m -- 6 free dives dd min 14.6
      Preliminairy (6 qualifiers to final)
16. Women Open  1m -- 5 free dives dd min 10.8
      Preliminairy (6 qualifiers to final)
17. Men Open Synchro 3m -- Final
18. Women  Open Synchro 3m -- Final
Event All-in Platform Age Program
19. Men Open  Platform -- Final
20. Women Open  Platform -- Final
Event Agegroups Platform Age Program
21. Boys  A Platform 1991-1992-1993 Final
22. Girls A Platform 1991-1992-1993 Final
23. Boys  B Platform 1994-1995 Final
24. Girls B Platform 1994-1995 Final
25. Boy s C Platform 1996-1997 Final
26. Girls C Platform 1996-1997 Final

Please use Malcolm’s program DiveSheets to send your dive sheets.

Download this program for free at:  Check for the latest version!!

For more information about the diving cup, contact us at:

Return your entry form and dive sheets before January 15th, 2009

Additional Rules

Additional competition information:

Meals and accommodations

Accommodation proposals:

StayOkay hostel

Make your own reservations with reference to: psv/arena diving cup

*The hostel is approximately 8 km from the pool

Amrath Hotel Pierre 4 stars

Make your own reservations with reference to: psv/arena diving cup

*The hotel is approximately 3 km from the pool

Hotel van der Valk 4 stars

Make your own reservations with referencenumber: GF28708

*The Hotel is approximately 500 mtr from the pool

For more information see website:

*For transportation between the pool and the hotels can be taken care of.


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