Karla Helder with Buffalo divers in Tucson, AZ

November 19, 2009 - Photos by Masters Diver Helen Bayly

Masters news!  Remember May '09's US Masters Diving National Championships in Tucson AZ ?
Well, here is Masters Diver/Coach KARLA HELDER - with her SUNY Buffalo (NY) divers -
for the "Wildcat Invitational Dive Meet" this week at University of Arizona, Tucson.

Coincidence! I  to be in Tucson right now  (for family Thanksgiving and son's wedding). 
Swimming at the UA pool today, I met two students with buffalos on their T-shirts,
and found that their coach -KARLA! - was on deck at the diving-boards!
So today I was able to photograph Masters diver/college coach Karla at work,
coaching her students at U AZ in the sunshine! (Some sacrifice, you divers, considering
that Buffalo NY is cold, grey, rainy - upstate NY is on the verge of snow, most places!). 

.......... From Helen Bayly